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Lead Boost

Boost leads for your services.
Leverage our network of over 100,000 mobile ad platforms to deliver branded ads to your target audience within proximity of your business location.

What is a Lead Boost?

Leveraging KiteBird’s Lead Boost™ technology we draw a digital boundary around your business location or service area.

When your target audience steps inside this boundary, they’re on our radar. If they visit any of our 100,000 platforms from their mobile phone, they’ll see a well-crafted, branded ad driving their attention to your business with a call to action.


  • Capture the attention of your laser-targeted demo within location proximity
  • Visibility on over 100,000 mobile platforms to compliment typical saturated social platforms (Facebook, Instagram & TikTok)
  • Brand awareness where it matters most, in a defined radius around your business location or within your relative service area

How does it work?

We Create Two Ad Creatives

These Ad Creatives will be crafted for your brand and will feature a call to action you give the green light on. This could be just plain compelling value, a discount, service guarantee, you name it.

Choose Flight Dates

Choose a period in which you’d like to boost leads. We call these the “flight dates.” We offer flight dates of 2 weeks, one month, or custom timelines for limited offers.

Campaign Setup

We’ll work with you to define your target audience and set up your lead boost campaign to run during the agreed timeline. When your campaign is live, your ad will be displayed on your target audience’s mobile devices within proximity to your business location or definted service area.

Real Customers Request Service

Customers who see your display ad that want to take advantage of your offer will call. We’ll deliver a report that shows you how many leads requested service.



Starting at $399

Ready for a Lead Boost?

Schedule a short 15-minute call with a KiteBird team member. They’ll gather some baseline information, discuss your needs, desired campaign timeline and answer any questions you have.