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Customer Acquisition Consulting

Tell us your story. We want to hear the ending first and what’s keeping you from getting there.

An Outside-the-Box Approach

If you read about us, you know startups, small and large, are our passion. There’s nothing like the founder’s rush of finding the white space (shout out Peter Drucker) in a market, disrupting old ways of thinking, and kicking the box over that everyone else is stuck in.

I’ve (me, Matt 👋 ) led a very unconventional career by normal standards, creating companies and consulting with businesses all over the United States. In my third venture, I set out to do something different. I created a multi-state company with big value for customers (this is always #1) with the goal of acquiring customers through creative means online. With repeatable internal systems, limiting decision discretion with process flows, and a “north star” any team member could follow, I off-loaded my workload so I could step aside. It was the ultimate test of sustainable customer acquisition techniques to see if I could remove myself from the equation and still grow the business effectively.  

The company essentially ran itself successfully (I only worked about 5 hours per week) and I was able to join a disruptive consulting team to do a deep dive learn-athon for almost three years on the ever mysterious big box companies. I took part in executive-level growth strategy consulting with mid-size, fortune 100 and 500 companies in a slew of different industries. I took home the heavy-hitting lessons of how big companies play the game and applied them to “startup thinking.”

Whatever your biggest challenge to acquiring customers is, KiteBird is here to lend outside-the-box thinking to help disrupt and plow through roadblocks. 

Tell us your story. I'd like to hear the ending first and what's keeping you from getting there.